Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration & My Wish List

One of the best things about shopping trips is all the inspiration I gather. Like this "mirror" above a dresser in a bedroom display.  I have a couple "empty" windows hanging on a wall in my living room. Adding mirrors and moving them to a bedroom never occured to me.  Then inspiration struck.....

I've seen a lot of wall vases...but something about this one really spoke to me.  In this case the vase is about ten inches long. When I saw it I also saw a wall in my house that this would look great on.  I'm sure I can find the perfect empty bottle or jar somewhere in my house.  Love projects that require no cash!

This throw is made from "felted" cashmere sweaters.  It was so pretty and so soft.  It's easy to felt sweaters, so I've decided to make a cashmere throw for myself. I found five cashmere sweaters at the thrift store last week...I spent less than $12.00 for them! After I find a couple more I'll get started on this project.

Covering notebooks is fun...I try to do a bunch for all the craft shows I'm in and also to give as gifts. They've always been covered in paper but the next batch will start with fabric.  I love the texture & simplicity of these notebooks...maybe with a bird or some floral images instead of "Paris".

Maybe someday....... 
I usually see something that I love to have but definitely would never buy because of the hefty price tag.  It happened again on my recent shopping trip.  I love this kraft paper holder.  I would love to have something like it for my craft room but this one's $100.00 plus price tag talked me right into taking a photo of it instead!  I'll just add it to my wish list on Pinterest
Looking at the photo every now and then is almost as nice.


Dorthe said...

Dear Marie,
such beautiful projects, to start in the new year, I also love the idea,with the felted sweaters- and the windows with mirrors inside, will look wonderful.
Happy thursday.

Scrap for Joy said...

You have collected some great ideas here! I have wondered if you could felt cashmere..I will be checking out our thrift shop for supplies. I love soft, warm, snuggly things!
Thanks for your inspiration today Marie!

Ann said...

You got some really good inspriation there. I love that paper holder. That would be great to have. I do the same thing. I don't buy much I mostly take pictures of the things I like

Jo said...

I really like the window pane with the mirrors and the vase on the wall. Neat ideas... I bet it wouldn't be too hard to incorporate them into your decor.

MosaicMagpie said...

I have wanted one of those paper holders for ever!