Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guest Room 3

Well Bill and I were both off yesterday.  He washed windows, installed curtain rods in the living room, and cooked dinner.  I shopped.  I know, it hardly seems fair.  I had to drive all over town, in and out of the car and the stores, sitting forever in the drive thru line waiting on a iced tea...I was worn out when I got home!  Seriously, it was a good day.  We accomplished a lot.  I found several things for the guest room...we're closing in on finishing it!

A bunch of pink daisies from the $ store.  If you read yesterday's post you'll know that Penelope will like these!

I have birds scattered throughout the house, so of course I needed one in the guest room. I found this cute little guy at Hobby Lobby.  The chippy pots are from my favorite antique mall...I just found out that they're closing!  It's really sad. But I did get a couple good discounted treasures because of it.   

This picture is actually a card from the dollar spot at Target.  I popped it in a $2.00 white frame and there you have it.....instant, fun art. I love it!

Here's one of the good discounted treasures I bought.  It's a gate.  It even has a big tag on it that says it's a gate.  The gate is in the guest room....can you guess what I'm using it for?? 


momto8 said...

you must feel accomplished!!! good for you.
and what a "lovely" gate!!!

Jo said...

Looks like everything is coming together. I never thought about framing a card... this is a good idea.

Ann said...

what a great idea with the card. I never thought of doing that. I'm going to guess that you're using the gate for a headboard

Miss Gracie's House said...

What happy things you found...and that gate is awesome!
Have a great weekend!