Tuesday, March 6, 2012


As I briefly mentioned in this post my camera is a little under the weather...so I've been playing around with Bill's camera.
My camera is a pretty nice, little, point & shoot and Bill's is big Digital SLR. There's a good bit of difference between the two!  I have to say I really like the DSLR...and I like the photos that it takes. And these are on the automatic setting. I can't wait to see what I can do when I know what I'm doing!!  : )

Of course it helps to be taking pictures of something pretty...like this piece of Staffordshire. Isn't it beautiful!  This belonged to Bill's mom and it traveled from Florida to Maryland, wrapped up in kraft paper, tucked inside a big box with a lot of other breakable things.  It made it in one lovely piece!

Not a petal out of place. Not a chip or crack. The colors are so pretty and vibrant.  It's so totally not me...but I love it!   It lives inside the dining room cabinet along side the Candlewick dishes that travelled in the same box!

I wish I knew more about this...even knowing exactly what it's called would be nice.  Maybe someone reading this will know a bit about it.  I think the piece is older based on a couple things I've managed to find out. But I'm really not sure.  Back into the cabinet it goes...where it's safe and sound.


Ann said...

Can't give you any information about it other than to say it sure is pretty. Have fun playing with that camera

Jo said...

It is beautiful and the colors are very lovely. A wonderful keepsake for sure.

LDH said...

You got some might pretty photos there, Marie! The Staffordshire is lovely and you caught it in these shots.

Kathy said...

I cannot tell you anything about it other than to confirm it is beautiful, as if you were wondering! Good luck with the camera. I am also considering the jump from my point and shoot to a big girl camera. I hate the learning curve part but would sure love to be able to take better macro shots.