Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guest Room

Well, we're finally making some progress on that room that I mentioned we painted.  The new shade and curtain are hung and I finally picked out some fabric to make a curtain for the closet. We have a metal
bi-fold door for the closet but I really don't like it....I'm hoping the fabric I chose will be perfect!  You can sneak a peek at it on my Pinterest Guest Room board. 
I really want this room to be bright and fun. This is where my grandchildren will sleep if they spend the night.  It's also where my mom will sleep in three weeks.  Yikes! I better get busy....I know she doesn't want to sleep on the floor!!

While I want this room to be nice and bright, I also want to be able to change my mind about the color without too much trouble. So the color will be brought in through accessories and art work.  With one exception...that baby chifferobe in the photo above.  My parents bought it way back in 1955....the year I was born.  The original finish was blonde.  Then it was stained in a walnut color and finally it was painted white.  It needs a new paint job and some new drawer pulls....I just can't decide what I want to do.  Maybe light or dark pink, or aqua, or maybe even red. I have lots of inspiration pictures that I found I Pinterest...I'm just a little indecisive right now.

The bedding is white. Plain white sheets and a beautiful white patchwork comforter from Target.  The comforter has lots of different fabrics...nice texture!  I'm keeping my eye open for the perfect throw....this will be one of the places I use color.  I have my eye on a couple small quilts and an afghan or two.  The crochet piece in the photo below will be turned into a pillow cover. I found it at the thrift store for a whopping $1.21!  The red checks & dots will probably become pillow as well.  My daughter-in-law Jacqi made the yellow flower garland for's a perfect accessory for in here.  I also have a beautiful aqua throw rug that I'll put next to the bed.  That's it in the second picture down below.  Don't you love my little arrangement showing the placement of the bed that isn't there yet...I even have the comforter on top of the bed!  : )  The curtains will be tied back and I may add a colorful valance.  That spot on the wall to the right of the window is from my camera.  It's in all my photos now, unless I crop it out.  It makes me very sad...

I sure would appreciate any input/suggestions for completing this room, to include painting that chifferobe!!  You can get a good idea of the direction I'm going in by looking at my Pinterest board.  I need to get this room mom needs a pretty place to stay!

Happy March everyone!!


Little Birdie Blessings said...

Oh what fun to re-do a room where your precious mom and grandkids will sleep. I like the aqua or yellow colors, they feel very soothing and peaceful to me.

Thanks for visiting me Marie and always leaving a kind word.


cindy said...

I love the color. I need to re-decorate our office. Maybe this will push me forward.

Jo said...

It's looking great so far. I love the wall color. It's so pretty. It's a wonderful idea to use pictures, art and fabrics to incorporate the other colors you want to use.

For the chifferobe I would go with light pink, since your rug is going to be aqua. Also with the light green walls, I think it would look really nice.

I hope you get everything done in time for the Gma to visit!

Sandi said...

Look at the colors in the granny squares. Incorporate some of those colors. I say go for red for the chifferobe. Pink is too light. Go with this as your "Wow" piece. Keep us updated on how it works out.
Lafayette, La

Ann said...

I always used to be in to painting a room a certain color but my tastes have changed and now I prefer neutral colors and being able to change the look with the accessories, like you are doing here. Your ideas sound great and I can't wait to see when you're all done. I can never make up my mind what I want

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE IT ALL, over there on your Pinterest page. But all the pastel pinks and aquas caught my eye best.
Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished project.

Katie said...

I think the chifferobe needs to be bold - more saturated than the other colors - so I vote for red.