Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest Room 4

Well, I got the guest room completed enough for my mom to stay in it when she visited...but there are still a couple pieces of furniture I need to paint and I'd love to find/make more artwork for the walls. Plus, I decided I didn't LOVE the closet curtain fabric. So I'm giving the curtains to Mandy for her library as soon as I find more fabric and make new ones for me.

The fabric is fun and the curtains actually look pretty good hanging in the guest room....but I really wanted something with more red in it.  It's one of those "I'll know it when I see it" kind of things.  So there's still a good bit work to do. But for now, I  thought I'd share a couple more peeks at the room. 

The frame is an old screen that I've had for several years...I think I've finally found the perfect spot for it!  The wire flower is from Hobby Lobby, the crocheted flower chain was made for me by my daughter-in-law Jacqi and the hoop art was put together by yours truly.

I simply took an old tattered apron, cut out the main design and popped it into a hoop, and then added buttons.  I'm really happy with it. 

This sweet little "home" block is another piece that's finally in it's perfect spot.  This is the color scheme I really want.  I'm taking my time putting this room together..and I'm having such a great time doing it!


LDH said...

It is looking so sweet! I love the whimsical colors and the adorable accents :)

Dorthe said...

Love that very beautiful frame, Marie- and your so sweet house blog- and love the colours together,-it all goes so sweetly together- the reused apron is lovely.

Ann said...

It's looking great. You have such a flair for decorating. Something I have absolutely no talent for :)