Friday, August 17, 2012

A Treat For Me!

I was visiting Debra's blog, Common Ground, earlier this week.  Debra hosts an event called Monday Marketplace.  A post full of links to Etsy shops! How fun is that!

This "vintage linen wall hanging" was one of Debra's featured links.  It's from an Etsy shop called
In His Hands.   The colors are so pretty...they go perfectly with the color scheme I'm working on in one of our bedrooms.  So I had to buy it for myself.  Now I'm just waiting to receive it!!

I have two little yellow buttons that I thought I might add to the center of the bows.....what do you think?  Would that look good?


Jo said...

It is lovely and the colors are beautiful. What a nice treat to give yourself. I agree with your need to add yellow. It needs to be "brought out" in some way. Don't know if I would necessarily do buttons though. Or maybe you could put them on the pocket part in the top corners. Hmm, well, whatever you do I'm sure it will look wonderful.

Peggy said...

Very Cute! The yellow buttons would give those corners a little "pop"

Ann said...

It's really nice and I think the yellow buttons would be perfect on that.

Shelley said...

I like it...very nice...blessings dear friend...praying you have a blessed week.

Kat said...

hi love the flowers the colors and especially the owls! :)thanks for stoppin by and leaving such a lovely comment! thank you so much! hugs =^.^=