Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fun at Gramma's & Grandpa's House

Every other Sunday we get the whole gang together at our house.  We just love to see these little ones playing all together...and eating all together too!

This little guy has got the best smile ever!!!

They like to run around and around and around the kitchen.  After about 5 minutes of that I pile them up on my bed and hit the ON DEMAND button on the TV remote.  Instant trance for about 14 minutes.....Noodle and Doodle on the Sprout Network is the current favorite show.

Some Sundays, I like to give them little presents.  The three "big" kids got swimming ducks for the pool or tub.  Caleb got a small traveling blankie to match the big one I made for him for his birthday.  He loves to touch soft fabric. 

A storm passed through and we thought we were going to miss out on a swim...but things cleared up after dinner.  So the three "big" kids got to take a's the first time they've been in the pool at dusk.  I love how these photos (using the flash) look.

Speaking of dinner....Bill made three racks of ribs, Jacqi made a bowl of potato salad. the Jo(e)s brought a watermelon and we cut up some veggies and made a salad and baked beans. 
Can I just say YUM! 

The ribs were a hit!


This old blanket chest belonged to Bill's's closing in on 100 years old.  I usually keep stuffed toys in it.  Sometimes I pile small children inside.
As my daughter Katie said...."Our only hope at a photo of all 4 is containment".   Although we've also discovered that Noodle and Doodle work too!  : )

Okay...I have 10 days to rest up before we get to do this all over again!
I cant wait!


Peggy said...

I think it's wonderful that you have a regular time to gather together. I think it's important for cousins to play together and have time with Grandma too!

Ann said...

What fun to have them all there. That feast you had sounds delicious. I like the shot of all the kids in the hope chest.

Dorthe said...

You lucky grandma-
I wish I could have mine two every second week- here it is maybe 4 times a year if I`m lucky-the rest is when I visite them on the other side of the ocean.
They are so sweet marie- and you are a wonderful grandma.

LDH said...

Oh, they are all SO precious!!!! Adorable little ones ~ love each sweet face :)

Those ribs look very special and delicious! Looks like Bill makes them just right!

Katherine Thomas said...

Oh wow, can I join your family? Everything looks so precious and wonderful! I love the little curly topped girl with the ice cream mouth... I want to draw her!