Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I was sorting through some folders on my computer last weekend and I came across these copies of some recipes my mother-in-law gave to me before she passed away (about twenty years ago).  She shared several dozen with me and these are some of the ones I haven't tried yet.  Sad but true...I've had these recipes for years and haven't managed to try very many of them.
I scanned them all after my father-in-law passed away so I could share them with Bill's niece and nephew...and now that I've discovered them again, I've decided it's time to try a couple more.

Which one would you make?



LDH said...

How special that you still have these handwritten recipes! They all sound so good!

Ann said...

well I don't know they all sound good. I think maybe the prospector potatoes because I like the name of them :)