Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Grandbabies New Name

Not too long ago, I was told that my "grandbabies" aren't "babies" least three of them aren't anyway.  So I need to come up with another name to describe them.  I've decided to go with "The Littles".  I figure I can use that for some least until they're bigger than me!
Sunday afternoon we took advantage of the wonderful weather and the piles of leave and did some group picture taking.  As you can see...these three were VERY excited!
The Big Littles

They got a little happier when we added Caleb to the leaf pile.

Cookies made Charlotte and Penelope even happier!!

Peek-a-boo brought a smile to the littlest little's face.

Elijah was just happy to be outside.  He finished his cookie quickly...but there's still a bit of evidence below his lip.

Laying in the leaves - we did this last year too!
I love this bunch SO MUCH!!!!


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Beautiful faces and lovely photos! This brought a smile to my face!

Katherine Thomas said...

Precious, Adorable, and TooCute. Those should be their names! Marie, remember I want some pics of kids on Santa's lap! Hint hint!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

That 1st pic is a Hoot! When my girl was a toddler her dad tried to sing rock-a-bye baby. She instructed him, "I not baby, I kid". So he had to sing rock-a-bye kid (on the tree top...). Enjoy your Littles! ~*~Lisa

Jo said...

That last picture is so precious. Gonna have to print that one out or put it on facebook, with your permission.

Peggy said...

What precious "littles". Isn't it fun trying to get the perfect shot?
Cookies are a good idea! Ha! Great pictures.

Ann said...

aw, such cute littles :) Those are all great shots and the first one with the less than enthusiastic faces made me smile.

Vicky said...

They are sooooo adorable!! I think the "littles" is a great name for them! My youngest are 7 (twins) and I still refer to them as my babies!

Danice said...

What darling grand children! I love your new "name" for them. Thank you for following my blog. I am now following your blog. Blessings :)

Shelley said...

Noooo....they are all still least until they are six :) You do have an adorable bunch...just precious....blessings

Lorraine said...

I can see why you love these cuties so very much!!!

Dorthe said...

They are precious dear grandmother.