Monday, November 12, 2012

The Rakers of the Leaves

This is the third time the yard has been raked this Fall.  Here's just one of the piles they raked up today...there were three.  Did you see how many leaves are still in the trees?!!!  I think there are more raking parties in our future.  : )

My son Joe, husband Bill and son-in-law Mark


Ann said...

That is a lot of leaves and yes, it does look like there will be more raking parties. Love that little play house. So cute

Katherine Thomas said...

You photographed the 'big' kids today instead of the little ones! I like your son's smile, I can see so much of you in him!

Shelley said...

I need to hold some raking,painting and brush burning parties at my home...maybe if I feed them they will come :) I love that little barn cottage in your yard...very sweet...blessings dear friend.