Friday, January 11, 2013

70% and 90% OFF!!

I love the after Christmas sales!  Last night I made my final (I think) purchase of the season.  I stopped at Michael's to browse. They still had quite a bit of seasonal merchandise and most of it was 80% off! I only bought a few things there.  Most of my post Christmas treasures came from Target. It's my favorite store!!  I got loads of stuff this year....most of it will be re-purposed.  Like these little snowmen heads.  I have a plan for them involving some little glass bottles that I bought last year.
Usually I wait until sometime in the Fall to begin creating things for the craft shows I'm in.  NOT THIS YEAR!  I'm going to start hopefully I'll be able to share this creation with you sometime soon!

Did I mention that I paid 30 cents for some of these and 10 cents for the others?  It's like I told could I not buy them!  (and all the other things I found!)

He's such a cute little snowguy!


Dorthe said...

Sweet little new things to start creating, --I follow you, dear Marie, and for no price at all...I wish we had after sales here in DK,-but they stuck it away, and take it on the shelves next year again!!!!!!!!!
Hope you can put away new creations very soon, for the coming christmas sale!
Hugs from Dorthe

Simply Shelley said...

You will do wonders with those little heads my friend...I just know it :) Blessings

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Those little snowman heads are adorable. Hmm, I'm thinking necklaces.