Friday, February 8, 2013

Gifts from Friends

My friends, Tisha & Patricia, are very talented.  Both of them paint.  Tisha does's some of her work.  Patricia does china can see some of her work here and here.
They also create with wool roving and yarn.  A little bit of Knitting and some Felting too.
Here are a couple gifts I received from them.
Tisha knitted and then felted these sweet little red, because she knows it's my favorite color!
She also knit this adorable owl the little tufts on his head!

And she made a pretty hotpad for me...but I'm using it at work for a coaster.
This is a HON, and she was "felted" by Patricia. 
In part, her little tag says: "Needle felting is a time-consuming sculptural technique whereby the artist pokes dry wool roving with a special barbed needle until the desired effect is achieved. This little "HON" took many, many hours to create."

Don't you love her little glasses!
How about her "beady" legs and hand-sculpted high heels?

A "Hon" wouldn't be complete without her "beehive" hairdo.
I am so lucky to have such talented friends...and blessed to receive some of their creations for my very own!!

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Ann said...

You do have talented friends and those are some sweet gifts. That Hon is adorable and so unique. Love that owl beanbag too