Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Family Room Part 2

Thought I'd share a peek at the rest of the entertainment center today. 
I'm happy to say that the decorating continues to be with "stuff" found around the house...with just one or two "new" purchases.

The quilted angel and the star have been a part of my family room decor for many years, and the book comes from my "old book" collection.  Lady Liberty is a "new" purchase. She cost $1.21 at my favorite thrift store.

My Reader's Digest Condensed Books are a new collection...they're pretty easy to find at thrift stores and they add a great punch of color to any room's decor.  I found the mushroom on clearance at Kohls...with my 30% discount it cost about $2.00!  The birdie salt & pepper shakers are a gift from my friend Regina.

More existing decorations from my family room....jsut displayed in a different way.  The books belonged to Bill's mom, and the box was painted by an artist who sold her work in my gift shop.  The elephant and the cookie cutter are subtle political statements.

This pitcher was also painted by the same artist as the box above.  The sweet stitchery was a gift from my friend Patricia.

More books that belongs to Bill's mom...the bowl and the horse have decorated the family room for many years.  But not as many as that pillow!  Mandy sttiched it many years ago. I think it was her second sewing project. 

I recently purchased this planter and turned it into a Christmas DVD holder....perfect! 
Here we have the bridge that joins the two side towers...yay!
Three more cubbies to decorate!!

More RDCB...love the colors of these three.  The clock has been keeping time in the family room forever, and the bobbins and lace came from my craft room.

A pretty plate and a bottle recently purchased at Homegoods...under $8.00 total purchase!

More decorating with movies...this time MASH and The Hunger Games DVDs.  The cute owl was a thrift store find.  The pitcher came from Michael's...No. 4 represents my four grandbabies.  I'm going to have to change that to five this summer.

Of course I couldn't just put a TV on the media cabinet...so I added some "touchable" decor.  My grandchildren play down here, and it's important to me to have things for them to play with.

A wooden bowl filled with letter blocks....perfect for spelling words, and stacking up as towers.

Dominos in a bowl....line them up and knock them down.  That's a fun way to play with them.

I love our new entertainment center....it's functional
(the drawers hold DVDs) and fun (15 cubbies!!).   

The two wooden bowls look kind of skimpy as far as toys go.....maybe tomorrow I'll share the other playthings in my family room.


Chris said...

Hi Marie, looks like you have about as much snow as we have here in Canada. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Ann said...

That entertainment center is so nice. I love it. Of course I really like all of your decorations too. You've got the cutest things.

Scrap for Joy said...

This entertainment unit it awesome! Don't you just love Ikea? My favorite things are that old clock (precious!) and the bowl of dominoes. Charlie & I love to play when he's here. Sometimes we play the game and sometimes we build. Love that they're out in view.
Well done my friend. (The books from your MIL are a treasure!)

Simply Shelley said...

It is a beautiful piece and you have decorated it very nicely. Blessings

Lorraine said...

The entertainment center looks awesome! :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love your living room and that you have filled it with pieces that have extra special meaning to you. Adore all of the flags, books, game pieces!


You should be so proud of all of your accomplishments, Marie!!! :)