Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy, Busy!

Every room in my house has a "need".
Bill and I are trying to (one room at a time) fulfill those "needs". 
We went through the house and listed all the "needs"...and a few "wants" as well. We listed everything by priority.
I think it may take least it seems that way.
This Room and This Room are just about done.  The first one still needs some wall décor, plus there's a very large exercise bike in the corner.  Eventually it will move to another room. But of course, that room has it's own set of "needs", so the bike won't be moving anytime soon!

The second room is even closer to completion...all that's left to be done is to paint one piece of furniture.  This white chifferobe has a date with a can of paint...this color. 

 Now that we've made our list I'm feeling much more confident about actually getting some things done around here.  First we'll complete these two spaces then we'll move on....
There're curtains to be made, flooring to be replaced, bathrooms to be re-modeled, furniture to be painted, bookshelves to be built, art to be created, stuff to be organized, junk to be tossed, and ultimately a yard sale to be scheduled.  Plus there's that old 9 - 5 job to fit in!  We're going to be busy at my house! I can't wait!! 


Kaisievic said...

Lovely colour for the old chiffarobe.

Simply Shelley said...

I love what you have pretty....blessings on your week sweet friend

Ann said...

when you own your own home it seems like the work is never done. I know we need a lot of things done around here. Looks like you're doing great

Peggy said...

We have this in common; we make lists and move something to move something else. Ha! I love how you use color in your home and all the sweetest of touches! I know it must feel good to you both when you can check off the lists.