Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disney Trip 2013

Our Disney Trip was a lot of fun...including the "getting there" part of it. 
Here's a few scenes at the airport....sorry for the blurry photos!
This was Elijah's first trip to Disney...he was super excited!

Penelope was super excited too...she just isn't showing it right now. : )

Fourteen people travel with a lot of luggage.

Charlotte thought having Caleb on a leash was really funny. 
She and Elijah took turns taking him for a walk.

Yes...she's still super excited...but it's very early...she's also a little cranky.

Katie and Bill got to ride child free....Daddy & Nana sat with Charlotte.

Aunt Mandy got to sit with Caleb and his mommy.

I sat with Elijah and his daddy. Elijah thoroughly studied the safety guide. 
We're off!!!

Here we are at the Orlando that Mickey was there to welcome us!
As usual...I'm taking the photo!
Until next Wednesday........


Scrap for Joy said...

I'm sure it's a challenge for 14 people traveling together but you seem to manage great. One of you should write an article about what you've learned. It would be helpful for other families traveling together. Can't wait for further stories!

Ann said...

Love the sign Elijah had at the airport. And how cute with the towel on the bed