Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Charlotte...the Ballerina

On Saturday, June 1st, Charlotte was in her first dance recital. 
The program was called A Day In The Life
and Charlotte's number was called The Gardeners. 
Charlotte and her little ballerina friends were all flowers. 
They bloomed beautifully during their few minutes on stage!
Here are some photos of our sweet ballerina.
We couldn't take photos during the recital.
These are from after the show...I think they're all my favorite!

Here's another sweet ballerina....this is Charlotte's momma.  This photo of Katie was taken in 1986....just before her first dance recital.  Katie was also a flower, and even though her costume may look yellow, it was bright lime green.  Just like Charlotte's!
"When you get the choice to sit it out or dance....
we hope you DANCE!"
Katie and Mark put this quote in Charlotte's recital program.


Trace4J said...

So sweet.
Beautiful girls.
Woolie JOY

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Marie! What sweet pictures of Charlotte at her recital. (Of course you know my all time favorite picture of her is the one where she is in the refrigerator door...I still laugh just thinking about it) little girls all feel like Princesses when they are in their costumes..I bet she loved receiving the roses, too.
Happy belated birthday to Bill...his gift from the kids is really special.
David and I are leaving for Rockville tomorrow and I thought we might stop at Sweet Clover in Frederick if you think it's worth the visit. We pass right by there. We will be babysitting the boys for the weekend. On Monday, we will hop over to Leesburg and I'll spend some time with a friend who moved near there from here. We'll get to Lucketts but my favorite, The Cottage, is closed on Mondays :( Is there any other place you would recommend ?
Enjoy your Wednesday off.
I hope you got your package last Friday.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Two very beautiful flower ballerinas! Love the colors and the photos of Charlotte surrounded by the beautiful colored roses. Lovely costume, fancy hair and flowers ~ a little girls dream :)

Ann said...

Well now how cool is that. Charlotte looks adorable and I imagine her performance was wonderful.