Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sometimes it's the Little Things

"I love snooping looking around other people's houses, I love seeing the special touches they've added. It's fun to get ideas that I might be able to use in my home."
Who'd of thought....a sheep, a little bowl of stones, and a hankie.
Sweet and simple.
Photo taken at Tisha's house


Trace4J said...

I love the sweet and simple too.
Woolie Joy

Katherine Thomas said...

But you know what, Marie, a lot of people never even look twice at those little touches that show the owner's personality. For some people, if it doesn't look like a House Beautiful magazine photo, than don't bother looking twice... but to me, those little arrangements and the way they feature the things that are most important to them, tell volumes about the people who live there. I'm glad you see those things! PS- ask Tisha where she got those cool rocks!

Lisa Tucker said...

That is precious! I love the little animals sitting around...her sheep are so cute! And the rocks...I would have never thought of that...she is very creative. Thanks for sharing..:)

Ann said...

well isn't that sweet. Whenever I'm at someone else's house I always check out their decorating. I'm so horrible at it myself that I always notice what everyone else does