Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Penelope is Five!

Somebody special is five years old today.
This somebody is very fond of pink!
Happy Birthday to Penelope!!!

A few weeks ago she came to our house for dinner and an evening of crafting.  
She has been wanting to make colored clay "forever"!  We took some white modeling clay and added a bit of acrylic paint to it.  Then Penelope kneaded and stretched until she worked the color through the whole piece of clay.  

Then it was time to create...decisions, decisions!  She finally decided to make a little something for each of her family members, plus Gramma and Grampa.

Look at all the pretty colors we made!

Here's what she ended up with....with a little help from me.  
A green lollipop for Daddy, and a pink one for Penelope. Fletcher gets a sailboat, and Mommy gets a flower. I love the sun she gave to me, and Grampa loves the funny face lollipop for him.
I helped her make the caterpillar, which she decided was for her "whole family"!  She decided that I need to add a magnet to each one because "they will look so cool on refrigerators"!

Penelope had one of her favorite foods for dinner...NOODLES!  
She loves noodles...she said, that "they are my very favorite thing"!

Well, maybe they're her very favorite food....but this little guy is her VERY Favorite!! 
Such a good big sister!

Have a Happy Day Sweet Penelope!
I'm looking forward to your birthday party on Sunday!!


Simply Shelley said...

She and my Vivian are not far apart. Vivi was five last month. Happy Birthday to your Sweet P :-) and blessings to you dear friend. I love what you have created in your previous post....

Ann said...

Happy Birthday sweet Penelope. Hope you have a most excellent day :)

Dorthe said...

Oh dear Marie,
they grow so quickly, don`t they !!What a big and sweet girl, and her brother so cute,too- you are blessed that they can just be with you now and then, without traveling for hours!! Congartulation with Penelope- HaPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hugs and thank you Marie for your kind comment .

Cranberry Morning said...

What sweet pictures! Looks like she had a wonderful time creating. :-)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Happy 5th birthday, Penelope! Very cute clay pieces! Lots of love and creativity went into making them all so pretty!

Scrap for Joy said...

Such a sweet post. Happy (belated) 5th Birthday Penelope! She looks so pleased with her crafting and she's lucky to have a fun Grandmom!