Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Junk Store

Whenever Charlotte goes thrift store shopping with us she refers to the stores as Junk Stores.  I wish she could have seen this store!!  It's the king of all junk stores!  I visited it last Wednesday during a day trip to PA. We didn't get to browse long because we got there fifteen minutes before closing...but the owner said he wouldn't chase us away.  So we spent about 25 minutes looking at all the treasures "Don & Ann" have gathered.

The treasures began outside...with this rusty, old truck and the pretty neat Texaco gas pump.

For as much junk as there was in this large old building, I was amazed at how organized it was. Here's the "flag section" of the store.  There were five shelves full of them.  Then came the marbles, clocks, tins, silver, scissors, and cameras.

String and rolling pins...and barrels full of yard sticks!  I loved the yard sticks!!

Drawers full of hardware and tools, lots of doorknobs, and more scissors.

Here's my purchase...a little bit of yard art.

I also got to meet this sweet baby squirrel.  Definitely one of the high points of my day!



Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Marie, I hope you did recover well from your second eye surgery.
I don't know if I ever drooled over a store like I do over this one. This collection is just amazing. There are so many items that talk to me. The yard art piece you bought is lovely and will look great in your garden.
Have a wonderful week!

Ann said...

Now that looks like a junk store I could truly get lost in. I would love to visit that one

Katherine Thomas said...

I need to go there!! Those flags! and the bins of everything under the sun! What a great place to spend the day! Marie, if you ever run across an old mailbox, postbox, like the kind that stood on the street corner, let me know. I want one for my display with my envelope drawings!

Olive said...

I love the clocks. Great place.

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh what fun it is to see all of those goodies! I'm sure I would have bought a few yardsticks and the scissors were appealing to me, too...I don't know why.
Love your garden art...does it make a nice tinkling sound?
And the squirrel.....eek! So cute!
Where in PA was this place?

Theresa F said...

Be still my heart :) I would never have left.

Sweet Annabelle said...

Man-O! That is Junk Mecca - would love to spend a day there. And ORGANIZED junk! What a thought that is!