Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roses in Bloom

Yesterday was my day off....I was so glad to have a chance to take photos of our roses.  We have several varieties and all of them were in full bloom. It was wonderful to have lots of time to look at them!  Roses on the same bush can look so different from one another.  I took so many photos so I wouldn't miss anything...but I'll only share a couple of each.

This rose is call Joseph's Coat.  You never know if the roses on this bush will be yellow, orange, or deep pink....or perhaps a combination of all three colors!

These (above and below) are Knock-Out roses.  The flowers are pretty this year, but the leaves are really having a hard time.  We have three bushes and some little pests have attacked all of them.

I think I'll share more than a couple photos of these pink roses...How about five of them!  They are my very favorite, and the bush is just loaded with buds this year. I'm hoping for quite a show!  I never know what to expect from this rose called New Dawn ~ Awakening. 
Click HERE to see how this rose has looked other years.

I don't know the name of these two roses.  We just call them the "orangey" one (above) and the "yellow" one (below).  The "orangey" one opens very fast.  Seem like it's a bud one minute and open wide the next.  The "yellow" one opens slowly....but what a beauty when it's finally done. 
I love the second photo of it!

My Clematis is in bloom too ~ I'll share photos of it tomorrow! 
What a treat it was to spend some time in the yard with all this color around me!!

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So many little time!
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Ann said...

Your roses are all so pretty. I can just imagine how good it must smell with all those blooms

Barbara Eads said...

OMGosh! Your roses are gorgeous! I love the Joseph's Coat. I have knock-outs and New Dawn---and lots of them. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

Barbara Eads said...

PS I forgot to mention that I have a beautiful purple clematis that winds up through the New Dawn. The pairing looks amazing together.

Sandy McClay said...

So So Pretty!!!! I have one rose bush and it gives me huge corral blooms, I would like to add a yellow and a Joseph's Coat...:)

Elizabeth N said...

What lovely roses! Joseph's Coat is wonderful! I've never seen it before.

I lost quite a few of my rose bushes this year. The winter was brutal.

Sweet Annabelle said...

WOW - you are a rose gardener, for sure! I wonder why yours are so healthy and mine seem to always be getting eaten ... ?

My mother-in-law calls those first roses "peace roses" since so many colors dwell happily on the same bush!

Fun to peek into your rose garden!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a wonderful collection of roses! and Joseph's Coat is so pretty and unique!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Love your rose collection! Happy to feature you at our Garden Party! Hope you come back and share again this month!