Monday, September 22, 2014

Lulu's Sweet Mouth

Look at this sweet face and that cute little mouth.
That cute little mouth gets quite a work out.  
Lulu loves to eat...pretty much anything!  
I hope that lasts. 
I hope her taste buds don't get fussy as she gets older.  

Look how intent she is on these grapes that she's much she's enjoying focused she is!!

Then it was time for the "good to the last drop" applesauce!  This is one of her VERY favorite things to eat!  But it's not just fruit.  This girl eats pretty anything you put in front of her.  She's not a fan of breads...but give her some veggies, meat, cheese, eggs, pasta....she'll gobble it all up!  

"Don't forget "Goldfish" know I LOVE goldfish!!"

This sweet little girl hasn't been feeling well for several days. She has a virus that causes some blisters in her mouth.  It's definitely taken some of her appetite away.  
But, it's allowed for some extra cuddle time for Lulu and her Momma!
Please join me in praying for a speedy recovery!  


Ann said...

She is a cutie. Sorry to hear she isn't feeling well. Sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery

Anonymous said...

I prayed for LuLu this morning. She is such a beautiful baby love the photos. Pj

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Praying for your beautiful little girl!

Simply Shelley said...

Oh, so sorry your sweet Lulu isn't feeling well. Saying a prayer for her now. The pictures are so cute. Blessings to all