Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thanks Ants!

We've been having a little bit of an ant problem for a few weeks.  The path they've been taking into our house takes them through our pantry, so Bill decided to clean out the pantry last week.  
In the process he found a couple things closing in on their expiration dates...including a mix for Pumpkin Bars.

So he did some baking on Saturday.  Pumpkin Bars with cream cheese frosting and nuts!!  
Oh My Goodness!  So yummy!

Thanks Bill....so glad you're retired!!


Ann said...

I can relate to the ant problem since we had that going on a while ago. I'm a bit jealous though. Not only did Wade not clean out the pantry cupboard he did not bake me any delicious desserts :)
Those pumpkin bars look seriously good

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

better hurry and eat them up before the ants get to them! these look totally awesome!!!!