Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Our regular family get togethers have been a little sporadic the past couple months. I haven't had a whole lot of time with my grandbabies...but fortunately I have lots of photos on my laptop and their parents share lots of photos on Facebook.
Here's a few of sweet Penelope taken over the last several months. 

Penelope has joined the Randori Fight Club. Isn't she fierce!

Love this photo of Penelope taking photos
in the Sunflower field!

Cheese and fruit and fudge....and a pink Peep!  She's a happy girl!

Penelope is being home-schooled...she's a good student!!

Penelope is also a really good big sister.....right Fletcher!?


Ann said...

These are all adorable. In the first one I love how serious she looks.
She's got such a sweet little smile

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...


love their smiles!!!!