Thursday, November 13, 2014

Berry Red!

While we were in England, we visited Warwick Castle...and guess what! 
It didn't rain!! 
It was dreary and cold though...but still fun!!
But, I'm not sharing photos of any of the fun today...I'm sharing berries!!  When we were walking in the gardens I spotted these berry bushes. Red is my favorite color and on a dreary day these red berries just popped!  I had to get some photos of them.
I think they're festive....maybe I'll use the photos to make something for Christmas.  
Any ideas!!


Ann said...

Those berries are pretty and the pictures make me think country Christmas. No ideas for what you can do with them though. My brain isn't quite functioning yet this morning

Anonymous said...

I think some lovely gift tags would be nice. These are beautiful berries. Pj