Thursday, March 12, 2015

Yardsticks and Rulers

I have a pretty nice collection of yardsticks and rulers!  This photo shows many of them.
 The aqua yardstick is one of my favorites. It's a great color!

Pinterest has a pretty nice assortment of ideas for using them! 
 Using them on stair risers is my favorite...but I'm pretty sure it won't be Bill's favorite.

Covering a tabletop with some, or using them to make a hook board are
 pretty fabulous ideas too!



Look what you can do with just one yardstick! Love this tree!!
I think it would look great on my front door next Christmas.


Key chains are a perfect way to use up some of the scraps, and even a little inch can
 become a fun magnet!  So many little time. 
But I really hope to make one or two of these ideas happen soon!




Ann Thompson said...

I love all these ideas. I found some rulers in a thrift shop near me and I couldn't believe how much they wanted for them. I passed them up

Simply Shelley said...

Those are some wonderful ideas. I've also seen picture frames made from them too. So many possibilities is right. Have fun crafting my friend. Blessings ♡

Barbara Eads said...

I totally love the stair risers! But that would take a heck of a lot of rulers and yard sticks. Another great idea would be to use them layered as a picture frame.The tabletop is pretty cool too! Now you make me want to start collecting them----and I do NOT need another collection!