Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's A Little Room....

Don't you love a compliment? I know I do! Barb from
paid me a very nice compliment ~ she said "Your bathroom looks like it must be adorable!!"

You might be wondering how Barb happened to see my bathroom. We were emailing back and forth about Dawn"s (The Feathered Nest) beautiful bird nest boxes. I mentioned that I had one of Dawn's pieces and sent her pictures of it in one of my bathrooms. Here's a peek at Dawn's art. It's so pretty ~ I really love it!

This is a little bathroom ~ about 5 by 8 feet including the tub! But you know what? It is kind of adorable! It's full of things that I love. I laughed as I took these photos (warning ~ there are a lot of them). The items decorating the room are either handmade, given to me or purchased at HomeGoods, Michael's or my favorite thrift store! I stick to the tried and true when it comes to shopping!

Both jars, the pearls & doily are from the thrift store ~ the little figurine was given to me by my friend Anita and the nest with eggs was made by me.

My friend Tisha painted the little watercolor and the Folkstone angel was a gift. I decorated the bottle with wire and beads and I found the gloves & stretcher at the thrift store! What a bargain at $3.95!!

The bird feeder is from Michael's ~ the stones too! The fat bird and pillow were gifts and the lace runner was my mom's. See the large stone in the bird bath? It has a watercolor tree painted and decoupaged on it ~ my friend Tisha's work again!

I made this little paper mache aspirin bottle...

Birdhouse ~ Tisha again!! She's very talented!
The Hollyhocks picture is a HomeGoods find!

I know I said it was a tiny room ~ but if you have time there's still a little more to see!
This pretty little bottle came from Michael's. It was part of their Easter collection a few years ago. I bought it for 75% off. It was $1.25! The wooden "prayer" sign was a gift I received from a vendor when I used to have my gift shop. "A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels" ~ so true!

BLOOM by Michael's ~ painted by me!

This sweet little girl is another HomeGoods treasure.

This bird drawing (mentioned before here) was also a thrift store find. It's framed in a dark green wood frame and is about 16x20. It's a wonderful drawing ~ one of my favorite thrift store discoveries!

It's a little room filled with a lot of treasures and I really love it!
Thanks for looking!


Barb said...

Oh my! I was right! It is adorable!!!

Well, I might have started my bird nest from Dawn's pattern I won if i had not been starting a new blog!!

Yes, Crazy me. I started a blog for my gift shop.

I hope you will go check it out. (just set it up so do not expect great things, yet!! =0)

Love you little bottles, jars of pearls, hanging gloves. You are a pretty little crafty gal aren't you??

Great job.
Thanks for sharing it.
Barbara Jean

our shabby cottage said...

What a great room Marie. You could spend ages in there! I especially love the little birdie drawing at the end. I think you have shown us that one before and I loved it then too. It's amazing what people throw away isn't it?

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Your bathroom is adorable! Want to come help me with mine. It is so small and I don't know what to do with it. :)

Take care,

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Marie!!! I LOVE your bathroom and all of the wonderful goodies you've decorated it with! I'm honored that you have a little piece of my art included with all of the things you love ~ your bathroom really is adorable, Barb was right! To me, that is how everyone should decorate...with the items they love and that make them smile ~ Thank you so much Marie, wishing you a wonderful rest of the week! xxoo, Dawn