Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Magazines

I'm about one day away from finishing "the sorting of the magazines"!  It looks like about half of them will be staying and the other half will be re-cycled.  I feel pretty good about completing my first "simplify" project.  I tore pages out of a lot of magazines and will file them for future reference.  I also took some pictures of some pages in the magazines.  Here's some lacy pictures that I took.  I think lace is so pretty.  
I'm not sure what I'll do with these photos ~ for now I'll just save them, but they'll be taking up a lot less room then they used to!


Barbara Jean said...

These are all such beautiful laces.

barbara jean

Anonymous said...

I keep scrapbooks and then toss or recycle the remainders of the magazines. Yikes! Wouldn't we have HUGE piles of them! LOL!
Hugs, Diane

Ann said...

Way to go on the simplify project. You did well getting rid of 1/2. I'm sure you'll think of something fabulous to do with those pictures.