Thursday, June 2, 2011

Picnik in the Garden

Things are actually growing in  my garden this year.  I spent some time taking photos and then editing some of them using Picnik ~ can you guess which ones.   I found a really helpful blog post about Picnik today. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out.
(I didn't edit either of the photos with my Clemetis plant in them ~ I played around with each of the other ones ~ I love a good picnik!)


brens bright corner said...

Oh I love those colorful flower pictures.... thanks for sharing. I do miss the days when I lived where I could have such beautiful flowers!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, they are gorgeus, and your photoes really show the beauty of both roses, and Clematis- so very wonderful.

Lululiz said...

Gorgeous bright and beautiful photographs, I always love looking at flower pics.

Shelley said... these pictures...they almost jump off the screen at ya....blessings dear Marie...I discovered I forgot to put something in your package I mailed you....O me....where has my mind gone? :)

Scrap for Joy said...

So many people talk about picnik...I need to check it out. I envy your luck with roses...I've killed so many I've just given up. It's nice to finally have some dry days around here...I felt like I was living in marshland!

Hopemore Studio said...

very pretty Marie, I love roses but feel I'm not patient enough yet to try and grow them.

Have not heard of Picnik but will definitely check them out.

Ann said...

Marie your garden is looking gorgeous. Mine seems to be over run with weeds right now. Maybe I could just edit those
Looks like you had some fun, the pics look great

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I have heard of heard of Picnik, but never have tried it out. Your garden is gorgeous, Picnik'ed or not.

Catching up! You have the sweetest family, Marie!!! Everyone has such cute faces and big smiles. One happy bunch!!