Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Room Part 4

Here's a final look at my family's almost complete. I need to dress up the windows and add more family photos. You can never have too many photos!
The couch and loveseat are from IKEA. I love them...they are so comfy, and the slipcovers come off for easy washing!

I bought this window frame at a craft show just before Christmas.  It's backed with burlap and chicken wire. The basket was filled with greens and berries, and I clipped my Christmas cards to it. Now it's the perfect spot for springtime flowers and family photos.
We'll probably be replacing the wooden trunk with an old army footlocker that belonged to my father-in-law.  If we decide to keep the trunk, I'll paint it...maybe a mustard gold.

Bill bought this clock at one of the few craft shows he's attended with me. It just so happened to be the week of our anniversary (about 15 years ago) and he thought it was a great gift for me. He was right! I love it!!  We received the flag when his Dad passed away two years ago.

This flag is one of my favorite purchases from an artist at the craft shop I once co-owned.  It was made by a gal who rented space from us. I've lost touch with her now, but I have many of her pieces (you can see a couple of them in this post) and lots of great memories of her.

My whole family went to Walt Disney World the first week of February.  I haven't posted about the trip yet because I'm quite over-whelmed by the 3000 plus photos I took.  I've been to WDW multiple times, but never got my own "pair of ears" until this trip. Aren't these great!?  Perfect for displaying in our family room. 

Now about those windows.....I sure could use a little help in deciding what to do with them.  They currently have pleated (white) fabric shades on them, and those will stay.  I was thinking about a simple burlap valance, but Bill wants something that comes down the sides of the windows.  Maybe white sheer panels...burlap panels?  With a valance...without?  I don't think I'd ever close whatever goes on the windows.  Any thoughts?


Trace4J said...

Love it.
So cozy.
Woolie Hugs

Katherine Thomas said...

I love this room! I WANT this room...
My favorite things are the window frame on the wall, it has such personality and you can change the items in the frame easily whenever you feel like it, and the ears hat that I first thought was a vintage hat until I saw the ears. Wow, Marie, your creativity is so exciting to see!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, I loved seing your home filled with American country feeling-like the wooden flag, Anne or Andy and the clock -so wonderful.

Simply Shelley said...

As I said ...its a wonderful room Marie. You do have a gift with display....I love seeing all your things. Those ears made me smile.....blessings on your week friend.

Ann said...

I love your family room, it looks so inviting.
For the windows, what about a swag? You can drape it down the sides of the windows. I saw one recently in a red mini plaid and they used large buttons as accents.

Peggy said...

I'd be no help with windows. I tend to get in a rut with things like that. I do love how cozy the room looks. And I have to say I'm a little envious of the "ledge" on that wall. More display space! Nice touches everywhere.