Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Penelope's Pink Puppy Party

Monday was Penelope's birthday...we celebrated with a party on Sunday. 
Here's a peek at all the pink fun!
Pink light bulbs...of course!
Puppy favors from Gramma's large Beanie Baby stash....note to self: blog post idea!

A pink poodle for Penelope!

Puppy party décor...made by Penelope and her mommy.

Pink the mugs!

Pink jelly beans (and the pom pom flowers I made for Jacqi last Christmas).
Pink packages.

More pink packages and a puppy too!

A pink cake with pink candles for the party girl!

Yummy cupcakes sitting under those pink light bulbs.

Pink, pink, pink, and more pink.'s Tink. That rhymes with Pink!!

Penelope even got some pink hair.
Some of the party loot.....most of it pink!
It was a perfectly pink party day!!


Ann said...

She must have been tickled pink to have such a wonderful party for her birthday.

Dorthe said...

Yes dear, what a perfect pink party...
every little girl that age would love such a birthday party, all in pink-almost- I know Mathilde would :-)
Happy belated birthday to your dear Penelope-

Sweet Annabelle said...

She must've felt so very special on her birthday!