Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chips, A Hat, and A Party!

Penelope's 5th birthday was last week.  Her mommy and daddy asked her where she'd like to go to eat, and she said "the place with the chips, the salsa, and the big birthday hats".  So that's where they took her (and Fletcher, two grammas, and a grandpa too!). 
As you can see, she enjoyed her chips and salsa...a lot!

The staff sang "happy birthday" and gave her a brownie. 
She also got to take this awesome hat home!

On Sunday she had a "fancy ball" birthday party at my house. 
The decorations were fancy...and pink, of course!

Her mommy asked a friend to come and braid Penelope's hair (thanks Regina!).  It looked so pretty!  She also wore a very fancy dress...and she loved the yummy treats her mommy made her.

She got some fun gifts too...including a Lalaloopsy, a ukulele, some games,
and a bike from gramma and grampa.

Some happy days for a sweet girl!!

She was even happier when she saw that it was snowing.  She was hoping for snow for her birthday party....and sure enough, on March 30th, her hopes came true!

The rest of us weren't quite as excited as she was about the snow!


Ann said...

She sure had a nice birthday. Love the hair and such a cute dress. Glad she had a great day

Scrap for Joy said...

I will say this many, many blessed are these grandkidlets to have you and Bill (and other family members) close by. And of course you are blessed as well. Wonderful memories are being made every week.
I wish I could have been at Penelope's party and had my hair braided, too. Both girls look pretty with their fancy "dos"!
Love your family posts Marie!

Peggy said...

What a pretty birthday girl. I can't get over how much she favors you. I think it's the smile! Have a wonderful week.