Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Maker of Stuff

I have been busy creating stuff...the craft show is less than three weeks away!  Time is flying by!  Can't believe it's the last week of November!

These wreaths were a spur of the moment idea.  Remember this wreath.  Well I still had wreath forms, bows, and angels in my stash, so I stopped at Target and picked up three more shiny, green garlands from the Dollar Spot and whipped these up. 
The bright colors and cute faces make me happy!

I found the Santa mugs at The Christmas Tree Shop during my last trip to Pennsylvania. (I have since discovered that there's one closer than that!) What a deal at 2 for $3.00!  I picked up some little trees at Michael's, and then decorated them with stuff I had in my stash! (I have a lot of stash!) I love the one with the red bells, still not too sure about the other one though.

The next three photos are all things made with "stash on hand"...little bits of this and that.  
Finally finished up the "snowguys" too!


The Santas in the following photo were painted by a dear friend of mine. I met her years ago...she was a "maker of stuff" just like me! She passed away last year. She used to have a little shop above her husband's workshop.  Her husband called me this year and said he had gone through her things and had some stuff to give me. BOXES of stuff! So I've been going through it a little bit at a time...trying to decide what to do with it all.  I think she'd be pleased with the things I made with her Santas.

Next on my list of things to make are these star ornaments with Baby Jesus on them. 
Busy, busy, busy....

Photos are a bit blurry/grainy. 
I took them with my phone and cropped them quite a bit.


Ann Thompson said...

Oh Marie, I love all the things you've made. Those trees in the santa mugs are great. I like both but my favorite is the one with the red bells

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I just LOVE your creations!!!!! I am sure that you are going to be quite successful at the sale. Those little snow guys are sure darn cute!!!!!